Lilian Gesla Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lilian Gesla Photography (Lilian Gesla Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Lilian Gesla Photography: Blog 93 120 Christina & Carl | Christmas Wedding | The Manor Tavern A small and intimate Christmas wedding at the cozy Manor Tavern.

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Nicole & Brad | Engagement | Havre de Grace, MD Havre de Grace was where I had my very first photo shoot years ago, so this session was full of memory lane flashbacks for me! But of course, no session is ever the same so I was excited to be there with Brad and Nicole and create their special memories. It was a chilly evening at the lighthouse, but the sun was setting just perfectly....

Havre de Grace Engagement1674Havre de Grace Engagement1674 Havre de Grace Engagement1675Havre de Grace Engagement1675 Havre de Grace Engagement1676Havre de Grace Engagement1676 Havre de Grace Engagement1677Havre de Grace Engagement1677 Havre de Grace Engagement1678Havre de Grace Engagement1678 Havre de Grace Engagement1679Havre de Grace Engagement1679 Havre de Grace Engagement1680Havre de Grace Engagement1680 Havre de Grace Engagement1681Havre de Grace Engagement1681 Havre de Grace Engagement1682Havre de Grace Engagement1682 Havre de Grace Engagement1684Havre de Grace Engagement1684 Havre de Grace Engagement1685Havre de Grace Engagement1685 Havre de Grace Engagement1686Havre de Grace Engagement1686 Havre de Grace Engagement1687Havre de Grace Engagement1687 Havre de Grace Engagement1688Havre de Grace Engagement1688 Havre de Grace Engagement1689Havre de Grace Engagement1689 Havre de Grace Engagement1690Havre de Grace Engagement1690 Havre de Grace Engagement1692Havre de Grace Engagement1692 Havre de Grace Engagement1693Havre de Grace Engagement1693 Havre de Grace Engagement1694Havre de Grace Engagement1694 Havre de Grace Engagement1691Havre de Grace Engagement1691

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Malina & Romario | Wedding | Endeavor Church Elkton, MD Perfect autumn wedding day in Maryland

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(Lilian Gesla Photography) autumn wedding bel air wedding photographer elkton endeavor church fawn grove wedding photographer Sat, 04 Nov 2017 22:05:00 GMT
Tara & Chanse | Engagement | Fawn Grove, PA Autumn is one awesome season especially if you're in love and engaged! Taken on a private farm, a perfect setting for a perfect couple.

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Kacy & Brian | Town & Country Ballroom | Baltimore, MD Kacy and Brian had an amazing day saying I DO to each other in front of a group of wonderful family and friends at the Town & Country Ballroom in Baltimore.

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Stephanie & Matthew | Elkton, MD Wedding Amazing backyard wedding. Red barn, close family and friends and two madly in love tying the knot under the willow tree in the backyard that Matthew grew up in. It was the most laid back wedding celebration I experienced, but the details and effort to making this day special were definitely not short changed.

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Drew and Janice | Elk Neck State Forest Wedding | North East, Maryland Janice and Drew decided to have a small wedding in the natural setting of Elkton's State Park. They took a chance on an outside wedding which caused so much worry when the rain seemed to never end until finally the sun broke out just in time! Nothing says hot like the sun shining after a good downpour in June! Reception was held at Station 26 Ale House where everyone celebrated with a cold one!

Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1433Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1433 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1432Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1432 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1434Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1434 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1435Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1435 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1436Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1436 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1437Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1437 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1438Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1438 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1439Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1439 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1440Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1440 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1441Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1441 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1442Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1442 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1443Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1443 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1444Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1444 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1445Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1445 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1446Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1446 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1447Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1447 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1448Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1448 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1449Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1449 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1450Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1450 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1451Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1451 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1452Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1452 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1453Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1453 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1454Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1454 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1455Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1455 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1456Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1456 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1457Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1457 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1458Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1458 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1459Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1459 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1461Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1461 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1462Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1462 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1460Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1460 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1463Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1463 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1464Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1464 Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1465Wedding photographer Fawn Grove Elkton1465

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Kristine & Richard | Rockfield Manor Wedding | Bel Air, MD Rockfield Manor Bel Air01Rockfield Manor Bel Air01 Rockfield Manor Bel Air02Rockfield Manor Bel Air02 Rockfield Manor Bel Air03Rockfield Manor Bel Air03 Rockfield Manor Bel Air04Rockfield Manor Bel Air04 Rockfield Manor Bel Air05Rockfield Manor Bel Air05 Rockfield Manor Bel Air06Rockfield Manor Bel Air06 Rockfield Manor Bel Air07Rockfield Manor Bel Air07 Rockfield Manor Bel Air08Rockfield Manor Bel Air08 Rockfield Manor Bel Air09Rockfield Manor Bel Air09 Rockfield Manor Bel Air10Rockfield Manor Bel Air10 Rockfield Manor Bel Air11Rockfield Manor Bel Air11 Rockfield Manor Bel Air12Rockfield Manor Bel Air12 Rockfield Manor Bel Air13Rockfield Manor Bel Air13 Rockfield Manor Bel Air14Rockfield Manor Bel Air14 Rockfield Manor Bel Air15Rockfield Manor Bel Air15 Rockfield Manor Bel Air16Rockfield Manor Bel Air16 Rockfield Manor Bel Air17Rockfield Manor Bel Air17 Rockfield Manor Bel Air18Rockfield Manor Bel Air18 Rockfield Manor Bel Air19Rockfield Manor Bel Air19 Rockfield Manor Bel Air20Rockfield Manor Bel Air20 Rockfield Manor Bel Air21Rockfield Manor Bel Air21 Rockfield Manor Bel Air22Rockfield Manor Bel Air22 Rockfield Manor Bel Air23Rockfield Manor Bel Air23 Rockfield Manor Bel Air24Rockfield Manor Bel Air24 Rockfield Manor Bel Air25Rockfield Manor Bel Air25 Rockfield Manor Bel Air26Rockfield Manor Bel Air26 Rockfield Manor Bel Air27Rockfield Manor Bel Air27 Rockfield Manor Bel Air28Rockfield Manor Bel Air28 Rockfield Manor Bel Air29Rockfield Manor Bel Air29 Rockfield Manor Bel Air30Rockfield Manor Bel Air30 Rockfield Manor Bel Air31Rockfield Manor Bel Air31 Rockfield Manor Bel Air32Rockfield Manor Bel Air32 Rockfield Manor Bel Air33Rockfield Manor Bel Air33 Rockfield Manor Bel Air37Rockfield Manor Bel Air37 Rockfield Manor Bel Air38Rockfield Manor Bel Air38 Rockfield Manor Bel Air39Rockfield Manor Bel Air39 Rockfield Manor Bel Air40Rockfield Manor Bel Air40 Rockfield Manor Bel Air41Rockfield Manor Bel Air41 Rockfield Manor Bel Air42Rockfield Manor Bel Air42 Rockfield Manor Bel Air43Rockfield Manor Bel Air43 Rockfield Manor Bel Air44Rockfield Manor Bel Air44 Rockfield Manor Bel Air45Rockfield Manor Bel Air45 Rockfield Manor Bel Air46Rockfield Manor Bel Air46 Rockfield Manor Bel Air47Rockfield Manor Bel Air47 Rockfield Manor Bel Air48Rockfield Manor Bel Air48 Rockfield Manor Bel Air49Rockfield Manor Bel Air49 Rockfield Manor Bel Air50Rockfield Manor Bel Air50 Rockfield Manor Bel Air51Rockfield Manor Bel Air51 Rockfield Manor Bel Air52Rockfield Manor Bel Air52 Rockfield Manor Bel Air53Rockfield Manor Bel Air53 Rockfield Manor Bel Air54Rockfield Manor Bel Air54 Rockfield Manor Bel Air55Rockfield Manor Bel Air55 Rockfield Manor Bel Air56Rockfield Manor Bel Air56 Rockfield Manor Bel Air57Rockfield Manor Bel Air57 Rockfield Manor Bel Air61Rockfield Manor Bel Air61 Rockfield Manor Bel Air62Rockfield Manor Bel Air62 Rockfield Manor Bel Air63Rockfield Manor Bel Air63 Rockfield Manor Bel Air64Rockfield Manor Bel Air64 Rockfield Manor Bel Air65Rockfield Manor Bel Air65 Rockfield Manor Bel Air66Rockfield Manor Bel Air66 Rockfield Manor Bel Air67Rockfield Manor Bel Air67 Rockfield Manor Bel Air68Rockfield Manor Bel Air68 Rockfield Manor Bel Air69Rockfield Manor Bel Air69 Rockfield Manor Bel Air70Rockfield Manor Bel Air70 Rockfield Manor Bel Air71Rockfield Manor Bel Air71 Rockfield Manor Bel Air72Rockfield Manor Bel Air72 Rockfield Manor Bel Air34Rockfield Manor Bel Air34 Rockfield Manor Bel Air35Rockfield Manor Bel Air35 Rockfield Manor Bel Air36Rockfield Manor Bel Air36 Rockfield Manor Bel Air58Rockfield Manor Bel Air58 Rockfield Manor Bel Air59Rockfield Manor Bel Air59 Rockfield Manor Bel Air60Rockfield Manor Bel Air60

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Sterling & Tracy | Mountain Branch Golf Resort Wedding | Joppa, MD

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Al & Rana | Gramercy Mansion Wedding | Stevenson, MD

(Lilian Gesla Photography) Bel Air Wedding Photographer Fawn Grove Wedding Photographer Gramercy Mansion Lilian Gesla York Wedding Photographer Tue, 14 Mar 2017 00:36:36 GMT
Lilian Gesla Photography - Bonnie & Clyde Engagement Photo Session It was an exciting concept...a Bonnie and Clyde photo session! Inspired by one of the most intriguing and highly wanted criminals in the 1930s during the Great Depression. Wanted for numerous bank robberies and murder; fueled by infinite love. Bonnie's devotion and loyalty to Clyde prevailed til the very end when they were violently ambushed on a rural road in Louisiana on May 23, 1934.  Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.....forever side by side.     

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Amanda & Paul | Wedding | Friedman Farms | Dallas, PA All wedding are beautiful but BARN weddings...?? There is just something so romantic and dreamy about the atmosphere and aura of a barn especially when filled with love and friends and family! A bit far from home, but worth the drive, is a magnificent estate called Friedman Farms, Dallas, PA.


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Ellen and Lewis | Wedding| Geneva Farms | Street, MD Ellen and Lewis had a lovely, small wedding at the Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church in Whiteford, MD followed by a wonderful celebration with friends and family at Geneva Farms located in Street, MD

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Marcio & Lisa | Wedding | Liriodendron | Bel Air, MD This was my first Quaker faith wedding experience. A Quaker marriage is quite different from most other wedding ceremonies. It is extremely simple and free from typical ceremonial rituals.

The couple enters together and sits facing friends & family. Everyone worships silently until the couple feels it's time to say their vows. They rise, hold hands, and exchange their vows and rings. Then they sign a Quaker marriage certificate which is then read aloud, followed by more silent worship, during which congregants and guests may stand to say a few words or voice support for the couple. The meeting ends with the bride and groom's first kiss as husband and wife and all guests shake hands and sign the certificate as witnesses.

MarcioLisa-9MarcioLisa-9 MarcioLisa-28MarcioLisa-28 MarcioLisa-47MarcioLisa-47 MarcioLisa-50MarcioLisa-50 MarcioLisa-1088-2MarcioLisa-1088-2 MarcioLisa-51MarcioLisa-51 MarcioLisa-59MarcioLisa-59 MarcioLisa-113MarcioLisa-113 MarcioLisa-126MarcioLisa-126 MarcioLisa-197MarcioLisa-197 MarcioLisa-240MarcioLisa-240 MarcioLisa-256-2MarcioLisa-256-2 MarcioLisa-353MarcioLisa-353 MarcioLisa-359-2MarcioLisa-359-2 MarcioLisa-398MarcioLisa-398 MarcioLisa-401-2MarcioLisa-401-2 MarcioLisa-402MarcioLisa-402 MarcioLisa-421MarcioLisa-421 MarcioLisa-423-2MarcioLisa-423-2 MarcioLisa-434MarcioLisa-434 MarcioLisa-442MarcioLisa-442 MarcioLisa-461MarcioLisa-461 MarcioLisa-469MarcioLisa-469 MarcioLisa-478MarcioLisa-478 MarcioLisa-496MarcioLisa-496 MarcioLisa-504MarcioLisa-504 MarcioLisa-679MarcioLisa-679 MarcioLisa-743MarcioLisa-743 MarcioLisa-760MarcioLisa-760 MarcioLisa-820MarcioLisa-820 MarcioLisa-1011MarcioLisa-1011 MarcioLisa-1012MarcioLisa-1012 MarcioLisa-1075MarcioLisa-1075 MarcioLisa-1085MarcioLisa-1085

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Amanda & Paul | Engagement Braving the bitter cold in mid-December, this couple was not going to let some freezing temperatures or snow get in the way! With the white snow freshly cascading the landscape, and a red barn as the backdrop, this couple make it look like a hot day in the sun ;)    

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B Family Warm autumn day in southeastern Pennsylvania, loving the rich warm colors of the season!

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Mike & Liza | Wedding | Berkeley Heights, NJ Gorgeous day in New Jersey for a summer wedding. With the NYC skyline in background, Mike and Liza had a picture perfect day until the limo broke down!! But despite the setback, everyone was in good spirits and we all had a good time doing what else...taking pictures!

MikeLiza-192MikeLiza-192 MikeLiza-342MikeLiza-342 MikeLiza-650-2MikeLiza-650-2 MikeLiza-680MikeLiza-680 MikeLiza-666MikeLiza-666 MikeLiza-815MikeLiza-815 MikeLiza-825MikeLiza-825 MikeLiza-1250MikeLiza-1250

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Laura & Doug | Wedding | Shipwatch Inn, Chesapeake City, MD

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G Family - Fells Point, Maryland Fun, fall day in Baltimore with a great family! Absolutely adored the cuteness of this little blue eyed girl!

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Rocks State Park Engagement Session

(Lilian Gesla Photography) engagement maryland rocks state park Fri, 21 Sep 2012 02:56:00 GMT
Tina & Jeff | Wedding | Silver Swan Bayside | Stevensville, MD

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